Trick Art Museum

Silly and funny photo taking in 3D artworks

Hanging on a ceiling fan hiding for a large snake
Hanging on a ceiling fan hiding for a large snake

A few hours at the Trick Art Museum in Santorini Park is great fun and an enjoyable experience that will leave you with countless funny and silly photos.

Stand in the large 3D paintings on the walls and floors and become a part of the picture. Pose in various ways, limited only by your imagination and experience the illusions created by the multi dimensional paintings.

Both young and old will have fun posing in the artwork and making lots of silly and funny photos. Start off in front of the museum with the Optical Illusion Chair and continue with dozens of paintings inside. Use your imagination at every painting, have lots of laughs, take tons of photos and enjoy the fun experience.

Fun photo taking in multi dimensional artworks at Trick Art museum
Feeding a dolphin swimming out of the painting


Trick art creates the illusion that things really exist that in reality are just paintings on the wall which makes it hard to distinguish between the real and the virtual world. Get deceived by the illusions created by the multi dimensional art works and see how surprising the photos come out.

The paintings

Among the dozens of paintings are posing as a model for a 19th century painter, being part of a classic European painting, putting a flower in the hair of the Mona Lisa, pulling an out of control rickshaw, cheating at a game of cards, trying to prevent a painted woman falling off the painting, drinking tea poured by a monkey, freezing in an 18th century European winter landscape, old man feeling you up and boxing in a crowded stadium.

Illusions created by artworks
Being invisible in the mirror

Continue with acrobat in the circus, being kicked in the butt by a painted man, astronaut, getting eaten by a scary long haired creature, butterfly, shopping, hiding on the ceiling fan for a large snake, tiger stepping out of the painting, being invisible in the mirror, circus artist, escaping from the beak of a shark, feeding a fish to a dolphin swimming out of the painting, climbing up a tree to get away from a large lizard and diving with a whale shark.

More fun photo taking at the nearby For Art’s Sake and Art in Paradise in Bangkok.

Location and how to get there

Trick Art Museum is located in Santorini Park on Phetkasem road in Cha-Am near Hua Hin. See How to get to Santorini Park.

Opening hours

The Trick Art Museum opens daily.
Monday to Friday from 10 am until 7 pm.
Weekends and Thai national holidays from 9 am until 7 pm.
The museum closes for lunch break between 1 pm and 2 pm.

Entrance fees

Tickets are 240 Thai Baht per person.