Camel Republic

Feeding animals, thrill rides & games for children

Camels waiting for food at Camel Republic Cha Am
Camels at the feeding area

Camel Republic near Hua Hin is both amusement park and zoo. A fun place for adults and children alike, visitors can enjoy feeding and interacting with animals as camels, alpacas, birds and bunnies. The park offers a variety of entertainment including several fun and thrill rides, mini moto quad racing on a track and a small indoor amusement park for kids.

The Moroccan design style gives the place a Middle Eastern feel. Camel Republic is well maintained and clean. Food and drinks, ice cream, snacks and souvenirs are available at several shops and stands.

The camels and other animals

The stars of Camel Republic are camels, large animals that live in the Middle East and North Africa. They have served carrying people and heavy loads for centuries. Another species of camelid are the alpacas, fairly small animals that look like llamas and originate from South America.

Other animals at Camel Republic include Patagonian Maras, ponies, giraffes, various birds, and ducks and swans. At the Bunny Village children can pet and feed rabbits.

Middle Eastern style buildings at Camel Republic
Moroccan style buildings

Camel rides

To get a feel of the Middle East try a ride on a camel. Rates are 700 Baht for an adult, 500 Baht for a child (height between 120 and 140 centimeters). Camel riding can be done daily between 10.30 am and 12 noon and between 1.20 pm and 4.45 pm.

Mini Zoo & aviary

At the mini zoo you will find animals as giraffes and flamingos as well as a bird aviary with very brightly colored parrots and parakeets. Children will enjoy the small birds sitting on their hands and head looking for food.

Fun & thrill rides

Visitors looking for some excitement can try Camel Republic’s thrill and fun rides like the Drop Twist, Zero Gravity, 4D Movie Theater, Pony Cycle, Trampoline, Gyro Extreme, Flying Macaw, Eagle Zipline, Mini Dance 360°, Inflatable Playground, Mini ATV and Aqua Boat.

Rides are 120 Thai Baht each, except for the Flying Macaw, Eagle Zipline and Mini Dance 360° which are 240 Baht. Several rides have weight and height restrictions for safety reasons.

One of the thrill rides in Camel Republic
One of the thrill rides

Two packages are available (minimum height 110 centimeters).

Extreme Pack at 595 Baht
Flying Macaw + Eagle Zipline + Mini Dance 360° + Drop Twist + Zero Gravity + Gyro Extreme.
All rides can be done an unlimited number of times except for the Flying Macaw and Eagle Zipline (2 times each).

Fun Pack at 495 Baht
Pony Cycle + Trampoline + 4D Theater + Eagle Zipline + Mini ATV + Inflatable Playground (30 minutes).
All rides can be done an unlimited number of times except for the 4D Theater (once) and Eagle Zipline (twice).

Much larger amusement parks with dozens of rides are Dream World Amusement Park and Siam Park City Water and Fun Park in Bangkok.

Location and how to get there

Camel Republic is located on Phetkasem road in Cha-Am between Santorini Park and the Swiss sheep farm.

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes by taxi or tuk tuk to get there from the center of Hua Hin town. Charter a taxi or tuk tuk. Agree on price and duration of the trip before setting off. Book a round trip since it is difficult to get a taxi or tuk tuk at Camel Republic. The driver will wait outside.

Opening hours

The park opens daily.
Monday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm.
On weekends and Thai public holidays from 9 am until 6.30 pm.
During weekends and Thai public holidays the place can get busy.

Entrance fees

Tickets are 150 Baht per person.
Children under 100 centimeters tall enter free.

Visit Camel Republic
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