Art in Paradise

Make fun photos posing in 3D artwork

Escape from a hippo at Art in Paradise Bangkok
Escape from a hippo

Called an interactive art museum, Art in Paradise in Bangkok is a place to make countless fun photos posing in 3D artwork.

Over 150 very lively and colorful paintings on the walls and floors depict scenes that you become a part of by standing or lying down in them. Next to the art works are boards with hints on where to stand or lie and the best angle from which to make a photo. Because of the 3D the photos come out surprisingly realistic and make it look like you are part of the scenery depicted in the painting.

3D artwork at Art in Paradise - Walking on a wooden plank at Angkor
Crossing a huge crack in the earth

Fantasy wonderland

Art in Paradise is a fantasy wonderland, a fun place for kids and adults where you can easily spend a few hours taking silly pictures. Let your imagination run wild interacting with the art work.

3 Dimensional art works

Art in Paradise is divided into six sections, the Fantasy Zone, Classic Zone, Nature Zone, Aquarium & Safari Zone, Modern Zone and Media Art Zone.

Among the paintings are gondola in Venice, surfing the waves, diver in the tropical sea, great white shark with wide open beak, the lost continent of Atlantis, an enormous playful kitten, snowboarding in a winter landscape, polar bears and seals, walking into a fairy tale cave, trying to stop a raging bull, angel with large wings, being crowned King or Queen, a scene with Pinocchio, walking over a ravine towards a castle, flying carpet in Egypt, walking on a wooden plank crossing a huge crack in the earth at Angkor, escaping from a huge hippo, being on the cover of TIME and National Geographic magazines and shopping at Gucci.

Stopping a raging bull - 3D artwork at Art in Paradise Bangkok
Stopping a raging bull

No shoes inside

To protect the art work on the floor shoes are not allowed. Visitors must remove their shoes at the entrance and put them in dust bags. Pick up your shoes at the exit.

At the exit is a small café selling drinks and ice creams. Don’t forget your camera!

Flying carpet in ancient Egypt
Flying carpet in ancient Egypt

Location and how to get there

Art in Paradise is located on the 4th floor of Esplanade shopping mall and entertainment complex on Ratchadapisek road in Bangkok, a short walk from MRT subway station Thailand Cultural Centre. Get there by MRT subway or metered taxi.

Opening hours

Art in Paradise opens daily from 10 am until 10 pm. The ticket office closes at 9 pm.

Entrance fees

Entrance fees at the ticket office are:


Child rate: Height between 100 and 130 cm
Toddler: Height under 100 cm

Socks can be bought at the entrance.

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