For Art’s Sake

Fun photo taking posing in 3D artwork

Fun photo taking posing in 3D artworks at For Art’s Sake in Hua Hin
Skeleton escaping from coffin

A 4D arts museum, For Art’s Sake is a place to take dozens of fun photos posing in four dimensional art work painted on the walls and floors.

The art works create the illusion that objects exist, that in reality are merely paintings on the wall. Fun for children and adults alike, let your creativity go wild having a lot of laughs becoming part of the artwork.

Staff will assist in getting the best pictures by showing both photographer and model where to stand and how to pose. They will also take pictures for you to include everyone in your group in the photo.

Next to the museum is a shop selling coffee, soft drinks, cake and Thai snacks and sweets.


For Art’s Sake is divided in several zones, each with its own theme. Also there are several local Hua Hin scenes like wind surfing, playing in the sand on the beach, kite surfing, train at Hua Hin railway station and feeding the monkeys at Monkey Mountain. The first painting after the entrance is posing on the red carpet of a Hollywood premiere.

Behind Imagination Zone

The art works in this zone stimulate creativity. Among them are posing with a red Ferrari, a hovering UFO, magician performing a magic trick, Tibetan monks hovering in the air while meditating and boarding a paper airplane.

Child Flashback Zone

This zone takes you back to your childhood. Here you will find images that bring back forgotten memories like play doll in a box, candy house, paper dolls clothing, candy machine, unicorn and winter snow landscape in glass Christmas ball.

Horror Zone

A scary zone with invading zombies, skeleton escaping from coffin, enormous scary monster trying to grab you, wolf man, Egyptian mummy and more.

Scary monster trying to grab you 3D artwork at For Art’s Sake
Scary monster trying to grab you

Mirror Climb Zone

This zone lets you do a virtual climb on the walls and ceilings, bus crashing through wall and getting eaten by a shark.

Buildings Camouflage Zone

This zone uses perspective used to create the illusion of endless spaces. Among the paintings is standing in an elevator with most of the floor missing.

More fun photo making at nearby Trick Art Museum in Santorini Park and at Art in Paradise in Bangkok.

Location and how to get there

For Art’s Sake is located at 22/141 Phetkasem road in Hua Hin. Coming from the center of town the museum is found on the left side of the road just past Soi 12 and just before Hua Hin hospital. The easiest way to get there is by taxi or tuk tuk, of which there are plenty in the center of town.

Opening hours

The museum opens daily from 10 am until 9 pm. The ticket counter closes at 7.30 pm.

Entrance fees

Tickets are priced at:
Adults: 300 Baht
Children (height under 130 centimeters): 200 Baht
Children under 100 centimeters: Free.