Vineyard & Winery

Taste local wine in a beautiful mountainous setting

Hua Hin vineyard and winery
Hua Hin Vineyard & Winery

Just West of Hua Hin town in the tranquility of the mountainous Thai countryside lie the Hua Hin vineyards.

Traditionally not a wine producing country, Thailand now has a number of vineyards in several locations producing excellent wines. In fact, the wines from the Hua Hin vineyards have recently won several medals in international competitions.

This vineyard offers you the opportunity to visit the vineyard, learn something about the process of wine making, taste the wines, have a great lunch, as well as tour the area on the back of an elephant.

The drive up to the vineyards which takes some 40 minutes from Hua Hin goes through some very scenic countryside, passing several small traditional Thai villages. The vineyard as well as the restaurant are very well maintained and clean, and are a great place for a relaxed morning or afternoon trip in natural surroundings, with amazing views of rolling hills all around.

Elephant trek around the vineyard

For some the best thing around the vineyard is the chance to trek the vineyard area on the back of an elephant. There are currently three elephants on the vineyard, that are taken very well care of. They live in an environment very close to nature, far from city noise.

They are not taught to perform tricks like playing football, they just go around the vineyard taking people for a trek in a very natural setting. If you want you can feed them some food, like bananas.

The restaurant & wine tasting

The restaurant called the Sala with its open-air gallery offers majestic views of the surrounding area. Besides Thai food it also serves food like sandwiches, salads and several pastas.

Apart from the wines there is fresh grape fruit made from local grapes. Most of the staff speak English and do an excellent job taking care of the guests. The restaurant also has a tasting area, where you can try the local monsoon valley wines.

Many of the visitors are surprised by the quality and excellent taste of the wines, considering Thailand was long thought to have a climate too hot and humid to produce good wines. There is a shop where you can buy the wines, although you are under no pressure to do so.

Hua Hin vineyard and winery
Local grapes

How to get to Hua Hin vineyards & how to book

You can either go to the vineyards on your own or you can book a package from the Hua Hin wine cellar in the Market Village in Hua Hin town.

If you choose to go on your own, you can stop a tuk tuk on the street or take a taxi, which are available at a number of locations in town. Most hotels will be able to book one for you. Just make sure you agree to the price before leaving and book a round trip. There are no taxis or tuk tuks at the vineyards.

Especially during high season and Thai public holidays the vineyard receives a good number of visitors and without booking you might have to wait a while for a table in the restaurant. Advanced booking is recommended.

There are two programs you can choose from, the Wine & Tapas or the Wine & Dine, both including a 15 minute vineyard tour on the back of an elephant and wine tasting and video presentation. Programs are available at 10:30 am and 3 pm and can be booked with or without transfer from the Market Village. Programs can be booked in the wine cellar in the Market Village shopping center on Phet Kasem road in Hua Hin.