Island & City Tour

Discover Phuket and its beaches, temples and old city

Phuket island and city tour | Karon viewpoint
Karon Viewpoint Phuket

During this tour you will get a good impression of Phuket and its beautiful beaches, forested mountains, historical temples and old provincial capital.

Phuket’s beaches

Discover Phuket’s beautiful coastline with sandy beaches, rocks, blue waters and forested mountains, following the roads up and down the hills, on many locations revealing the blue ocean and white beaches.

Driving through Phuket you will see the long, white sandy beaches of Patong, Kata and Karon that are very popular with sun lovers on the Western side of the island and the more quiet beach of Rawai on the Eastern side, that is much less developed and has retained much of its original charm.

Patong with its more than three kilometers long beach is Phuket’s busiest destination and is known for its vibrant nightlife. Kata and Karon are a little quieter and more relaxed, but also have long sandy beaches excellently suited for a beach holiday.

Rawai is a nice place to sit down on the beach under the shade of a casuarina tree and enjoy a wonderful fresh seafood lunch. There are longtail boats for rent at Rawai beach, from where you can make a trip to one of the surrounding islands.

Karon Viewpoint

Close to the most Southern tip of Phuket island, just South of Kata Noi beach is Phuket’s most famous viewpoint. Standing on top of a hill you have a magnificent kilometers long view of three bays and beaches, namely Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon as well as the forested and hilly interior of the island.

You will also see Koh Pu island just off Kata Yai beach and looking North into the interior of the island you can see the massive 45 meters high white Big Buddha image that was recently constructed. The view from Karon viewpoint, also known as the three beaches viewpoint, is among the most photographed of Phuket. Food and drinks are available at a few stalls at the viewpoint. This is a great place to make some impressive photos.

Wat Chalong Temple

On the way from Rawai beach to Phuket town lies the Wat Chalong temple complex. This is the largest and most visited temple in Phuket. The magnificent recently built chedi holds an important relic, a splinter of a bone of the Buddha. Many Thai people come here every day to pay respect to the Buddha and the highly revered abbots that lived here.

Phuket island and city tour | old Phuket town
Old quarter Phuket Town

Phuket Town

The area of old town of Phuket stills shows its rich history dating back hundreds of years. Most of Phuket’s wealth in previous centuries was obtained from tin mining. A number of very rich tin barons had huge mansions with big courtyards and terraces build in Sino Portuguese style, some of which are still there today.

Since many of the people working in the tin mines were Chinese immigrants, Phuket has a great number of beautiful Chinese temples and shrines, especially the area around Thalang Road, which is the Chinatown area. This is the place where the tin miners used to come for gambling, eating, drinking, opium and women.

The old center of town still has many Sino Portuguese style shop houses that were built a little over a century ago, where people lived and did business. The front of the building on the street side was used for business, while the back and the upper floors were used as private living quarters for the family. Shop houses were usually build in long rows, they were quite narrow structures, but deep towards the back.

Old Phuket Town is known from a number of movies. Several scenes from the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo di Caprio were filmed in the old part of town.