Getting around

Using taxi or songthaew in Pattaya

Getting around Pattaya is easy and cheap. Both day and night taxis, songthaews and motorbike taxis are easy to get.


Unlike Bangkok there are very few metered taxis in Pattaya. Most of them will have brought tourists over from Bangkok airport or city. While waiting for a fare back to Bangkok they will often take fares in Pattaya.

There is plenty of supply of non metered taxis. Find one waiting on the side of the road or have your hotel book one for you. Agree on price and duration of the trip before getting in.

Alternatively charter a songthaew.


Thanks to their reliability, high frequency and low price songthaews are extensively used by Thai people and foreign tourists alike.

A songthaew is a converted pick up truck with two benches in the back. The literal translation of songthaew is “two rows”.

Also known as Baht bus the songthaews in Pattaya follow a set route. There are no bus stops, flag one down and get in the back. Press the buzzer to get off and pay the driver. At 10 Baht per person within the center of Pattaya fares are very low.

Songthaew routes

The most frequent songthaew routes in Pattaya are the circular beach road route, the route to Sukhumvit road, the route to Naklua, the route to Jomtien and the Sukhumvit road route.

Circular route Beach road - Pattaya 2nd road

Most tourist destinations in Pattaya are on or very near the circular route in the center of Pattaya. The songthaews on this route are blue.

The route starts at the Dolphin roundabout on North Pattaya road. From there it turns South following Beach road to Walking Street. There it turns left on South Pattaya road. After about 200 meters it turns left again to Pattaya 2nd road (Pattaya Sai Song road) and follows this North back to the Dolphin roundabout.

Service on the circular route is very frequent. Waiting time is usually no more than 1 or 2 minutes. Fare is 10 Baht per person regardless of distance.

Route to Naklua

To get to Naklua flag down a songthaew at the North end of the Dolphin roundabout or on Pattaya - Naklua road. From the roundabout the songthaew travels North on Pattaya - Naklua road to Naklua beach. Fare is 10 Baht per person.

Route to Sukhumvit road and Pattaya bus terminal

Also departing at the Dolphin roundabout is the service to Sukhumvit road and Pattaya bus terminal. Flag down a songthaew on the East end of the roundabout or on North Pattaya road. The songthaew travels East towards Pattaya bus terminal and Sukhumvit road.

Pattaya bus terminal (Pattaya Rung Ruang transport station) is located near the intersection of North Pattaya road and Sukhumvit road. From here catch an air conditioned bus to Bangkok and around the country. Fare is 10 Baht per person.

Route to Jomtien

To get to Jomtien South of Pattaya flag down a songthaew either on Pratamnak road or on Pattaya 2nd road near the intersection with South Pattaya road. Fare is 20 Baht per person.

Route Sukhumvit road

Sukhumvit road is the highway that intersects Pattaya North to South. It runs a few kilometers East of the beach. Flag down a songthaew anywhere on Sukhumvit road to go South to Sattahip or North to Si Racha. The songthaews on this route are white, fare is 20 Baht.

Charter a songthaew

As an alternative to a taxi you can charter a songthaew. Look for an empty one waiting on the side of the road or at a shopping mall. Agree on price, places where to go and duration of the trip before getting in.

For places outside of the center of Pattaya town it can be difficult to find a ride back so it is advisable to book a round trip. The driver will wait at the places you visit.