Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park

One of Thailand’s largest water parks

The cartoon characters of Cartoon Network TV channel at Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park in Pattaya
The cartoon characters of Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Amazone is one of Thailand’s largest water parks. The park is themed around the characters of the Cartoon Network TV channel with characters as Johnny Bravo, Ben 10, Courage the Cowardly Dog and the Powerpuff Girls.

Cartoon Network Amazone water park is a fun day out for the kids and adults with exhilarating high speed water slides and rides, a large wave pool, a winding river, an aqua playground for smaller children, entertainment and plenty of food options.

Children meet their Cartoon Network heroes

Apart from riding the thrill rides, the park is a chance for children to meet their heroes as Ben 10, Johnny Bravo and the Powerpuff Girls and a trip down memory lane for adults who used to watch the Cartoon Network.

The park is clean and well maintained, life guards are on duty around the slides and pools. With your entrance ticket you will receive an electronic wristband that can be used to buy food and drinks, open lockers and get your photos on the water slides.

The rides and slides

Cartoon Network Amazone houses a good variety of rides and slides for all bravery levels. Some of the rides will take you by surprise as the water tosses you around in different and unexpected ways. The water slides are divided into two zones.

The XLR8-TOR thrill ride at Cartoon Network Amazone water park
XLR8-TOR thrill ride

Adventure zone, 3 fun rides

The Adventure zone houses the Jake Jump, Rainfall Rainicorn and Banana Spin, three fun rides and slides to start with before the most extreme rides of the Omniverse zone. Riders must be at least 120 centimeters tall to get on the rides.

Jake Jump

Seated in a two person raft disappear into the darkness of the tube. After a sharp turn make a steep drop and gain speed quickly. Then shoot up on the near vertical wall of Cartoon Network’s Jake before gravity takes over again launching you into the pool below.

Banana Spin

Sitting in a dual raft you enter a dark tube going down gaining speed quickly. When you see the light again you get dropped into the Spin Bowl where you will make several turns. Then you will disappear into a hole finally being launched into the pool.

Rainfall Rainicorn

At the start of the ride you disappear into the darkness of the closed tube. After several sharp turns make a steep drop splashing into the pool.

Omniverse zone, the fastest & steepest rides

The Omniverse zone houses six of the fastest and steepest water tube rides and coasters in the world. These are the extreme rides for those looking for an adrenaline rush. Riders must be at least 120 to 130 centimeters tall, some of the rides also have weight restrictions.

The Omnitrix

One of the longest rides with a length of over 350 meters. Start 25 meters above the ground in a circular raft holding up to four people. Starting gently gain speed and disappear into the darkness of the enclosed tube making steep drops and many sharp turns. Get dropped into the large Omnitrix Dome, get tossed around to finally end up in the pool below.

The 350 meter long Omnitrix water ride
350 Meter long Omnitrix water ride

Goop Loop

Standing high above the ground in an enclosed capsule, suddenly feel the ground disappearing from under your feet making a 12 meter free fall. Very quickly gain speed and race down the enclosed tube making a 360 degree loop ending up with a big splash in the pool below.

Alien Attack

An over 300 meters long exhilarating ride, the Alien Attack is sure to give you an adrenaline boost. The ride starts from a height of 25 meters in a dual raft through a partly enclosed tube. After many wild turns and swings race through an open tube high above the ground at high speed like in a roller coaster. After another section in the closed tube the force of the water turns the raft around and you will race backwards at high speeds ending up in the pool.


Seated in a dual raft race friends down the twin tracks over a length of over 200 meters. Starting at 23 meters above the ground race through a partly enclosed, partly open tube with wild twists and turns ending with a steep drop towards the body of the Cartoon Network Humungousaur.

The Humungaslide at Cartoon Network Amazone
The Humungaslide

Intergalactic Racers

Lying face down on a mat, race friends to the finish in the four lane slide going through twists and turns.


Definitely a ride for the thrill seekers, the XLR8-TOR is one of the fastest and steepest around. Start off with a long and very steep free fall in the enclosed tube gaining speed quickly and end up in the pool below with a huge splash.

Mega Wave

Enjoy the gentle waves of the Mega Wave that give you the sense of floating in the sea. The large wave pool is the place to go to relax on the waves after the excitement of the thrill rides of the Adventure zone and Omniverse zone. Around the pool are cabanas, life jackets are available in various sizes.

Riptide Rapids

Drift in a tube and enjoy a relaxing ride floating down the 335 meter Riptide Rapids river through the Omniverse zone and the Adventure zone.

Relaxing in the Riptide Rapids river
Relaxing in the Riptide Rapids river


A fun place for children of 3 years and up, Cartoonival is an Aquaplay area with nine water slides, fountains and huge water buckets dropping thousands of liters of waters on them.

Surf Arena

Experience the thrill of surfing the waves without having to wait for the perfect ocean wave. Stand or lie down on a surf board riding the waves produced by the Flow Rider.


Throughout the day Cartoon Network characters provide entertainment at various places in the park. Once or twice per hour you can watch shows and performances like the Powerpuff Girls show, Ben 10 & Gwen Photo Op, Polynesian show, Ben 10 Live show, Gumball & Darwin show, Johnny Bravo Mascot Photo Op, Princess Bubblegum & Girl dancers and Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Children can pose for photos with their favorite cartoon characters.

Food, drinks and ice creams

There is a wide selection of food choices including Thai, Western, Chinese and halal food in the park with dishes to choose from as fish and chips, sandwiches, burgers, BBQ chicken, salads, pizza, Thai curries and Som Tam spicy salad. Also available are ice creams, coffee, frozen shakes, soft drinks and snacks.

Your photos on the rides

Get your photos on the slides and rides by using the Cartoon Network Amazone water park photo service.

First activate the service by registering your RFID wristband at the kiosk in the locker room. Before entering a ride, find the reader next to the entrance of the slide; hold your wristband on the reader and enter the slide. A photo or video will be made that is sent to the email address that you have provided.

Location and how to get there

Cartoon Network Amazone water park is located on Sukhumvit road about 20 kilometers South of the center of Pattaya town. The easiest way to get there is by taxi or songthaew.

Taxi service back to town is available at the park entrance. Rate to Jomtien is 400 Baht, to Pattaya city 600 Baht, to Naklua 700 Baht.

Opening hours

The park opens daily from 10 am until 6 pm.

Entrance fees

Ticket prices at Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park ticket counters are:


Senior rate: Age over 65
Child rate: Age 3 - 12
Toddler: Age under 3

All rides can be done an unlimited number of times.
Lockers are for rent at 300 Baht per day.
Food and drinks from outside are not allowed in the park.

Get Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park tickets

Tickets adult Baht
child Baht

Cartoon Network Amazone Combos

Combo 1: Cartoon Network Amazone + Ramayana Water Park
Adult 2,000 Baht
Child Free - 1,900 Baht