Jump out of an airplane at 4000 meters high

Skydive in Thailand
Skydiving in Thailand

The only way to truly appreciate the unique thrill of a skydive is to experience it. It is an incredible experience that gets many people hooked and wanting to come back for more.

Rush towards earth at 190 kmh

Feel the adrenaline boost when you jump out a plane at 4,000 meters up and rush towards the earth with speeds of up to 190 kilometers per hour. Enjoy the incredible freedom of flying in the air forward, sideways and backwards.

Then when the parachute has been deployed at 1,500 high, relax in the serenity of the sky and enjoy the view of the horizon and the earth under you.

At this time you can ask your instructor if you can steer the canopy for a while, making the ride even more exhilarating. A skydive is an experience of total thrill, to forget about everything else, feel the boost in energy, just you and the absolute thrill of the jump.

The experience will leave you buzzing for a long time afterwards, wanting to come back for more. It is something to never forget, you have to do it to understand how amazing it is.

Tandem skydive

During this tandem skydive you will be connected via a harness to a fully qualified and experienced instructor who takes care of opening the parachute, piloting and landing. A tandem skydive is the only way to experience the excitement and the thrill of jumping out an airplane and falling down in free fall with speeds of up to 190 kilometers without extensive training.

After a 20 minutes safety briefing you are ready to board the plane for the experience of a lifetime.

Your skydive experience

Skydiving in Thailand
Skydiving in Thailand

Skydive Thailand quick facts


Close to Pattaya, about a 90 minutes drive from Bangkok.

For who

Everyone of 16 years or older who enjoys great thrills and is not afraid of heights. Parental permission required for anyone between 16 and 18 years of age.

Weight limit

There is a weight limit of approximately 100 kilos / 220 pounds, however if you are tall and have an active lifestyle a higher weight could be okay, contact us to make sure.

Medical considerations

People with certain conditions like heart disease and epilepsy cannot participate in skydiving. If you take prescription drugs or have recently been ill or injured, you are required to bring a letter from a doctor saying it’s okay to skydive. If you are not sure, please consult your doctor. If you have been scuba diving, allow at least 24 hours before doing a skydive.

What to wear

Wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely as much as possible, like a T-shirt, shorts, pants that are not too tight. For shoes, trainers are best, no sandals or bare feet, no shoes that have hooks for lacing.

Photos and video

Photos or video of your skydive can be booked the day of your jump at the drop zone office.

Weather conditions

If you have booked your skydive, come to the drop zone even if the weather forecast is bad. If it is not safe to jump, we will call you to cancel. If weather conditions get worse during the day, your jump will be postponed until the weather improves or canceled.


Obviously, safety is a main concern. The skydive operation is owned and managed by English and American partners with more than 30 years experience in skydiving. The risk factor of skydiving is very low, most injuries that do occur are small landing injuries. In the very rare event that the main parachute does not open, there is a backup second parachute equipped with a modern automatic activation device.