Wat Si Rong Muang

Shan temple with magnificent teak wood viharn

The teak wood viharn of the Wat Si Rong Muang temple in Lampang
Teak wood viharn
Wat Si Rong Muang
Early 20th century
Takrao Noi road

The Wat Si Rong Muang is a beautiful, very richly decorated temple built by Burmese immigrants at the start of the 20th century. Its style is Shan with Lanna influences.

When Burmese loggers came to Lampang to work in the teak logging industry at the end of the 19th century, they brought with them their own ideas about temple construction. As a result the temples built by Burmese in order to make merit are in typical Burmese style and differ greatly from the Lanna style temples of North Thailand.

The temple was founded at the start of the 20th century; construction of the teak wood viharn was completed in 1912. The temple faces away from the Wang river in the town of Lampang.

Horizontal orientation of the viharn

The floor plan of the teak wood viharn is on a horizontal axis, allowing a wide view of the structure when approaching it. This orientation differs from the Lanna and Rattanakosin style temples, where only the front façade is visible when coming up to it and the structure extends on a vertical axis.

The multi tiered roof is composed of multiple groups and richly decorated in mainly red and gold colors. Fixed to the gables are very delicate ornamental work metal sheets in typical Burmese style.

Interior of the teak wood viharn

As the exterior, the viharn´s interior is very richly decorated. The teak wood columns supporting the roof are adorned with colorful glass mosaics, while the roof is decorated with intricately carved wooden panels. Opposite the viharn´s entrance is a raised section where the principal Buddha image and several Burmese and Lanna style Buddha images are enshrined. Among them are a large seated Mandalay style Buddha in the Bhumisparsha mudra and a smaller Lanna style image in a very ornamental Ku.

Shan style chedi and other structures

Near the viharn is an elegant, slender Shan style chedi, in white color and partly gilded. The circular chedi set on a square base is topped with a hti, a Burmese multi tiered ornamental umbrella. Other structures on the temple grounds are the kuti, the monks living quarters and a number of spirit houses.

How to get to the Wat Si Rong Muang

The Wat Si Rong Muang is located on Takrao Noi road on the South bank of the Wang river in the Western part of Lampang town, a little over 1 kilometer off Highway AH2. The easiest way to get there is by songthaew or horse drawn carriage.

Entrance fee & opening hours

The temple grounds open daily from 8 am until 5 pm. Admission is free.