White Water Rafting

Amazing experience on the wild rivers of the North

White water rafting Chiang Mai province
White water rafting Chiang Mai area

When you are looking for adventure and excitement and you’re not afraid of getting wet, a white water rafting trip on the Mae Taeng river is for you.

A rafting trip on this fast flowing river is an amazing wilderness experience. The thrills of the wild ride on the river and the views of the unspoiled environment and lush jungle make this trip an unforgettable one.

Rafting down the river you will pass remote areas of Northern Thailand where there are still many traditional small rural villages as well as hill tribe people villages. If you are a thrill seeker and enjoy outdoors adventures, a white water rafting trip on the Mae Taeng river makes for a very enjoyable day out and is a good change from visiting the temples and cultural sites.

Ideal rafting conditions

This river north of Chiang Mai offers ideal circumstances for a great rafting experience. The Mae Taeng runs through beautiful, unspoiled Northern Thailand mountainous landscape, with terraced paddy fields, small local villages and hill tribe villages.

On this 10 kilometer long trip you will raft through many canyons and pass a great number of waterfalls. Obviously, you will get wet. Usually, the weather is warm, so you’ll dry out soon. This full day trip starts off at around 8.30 am when you will be picked up in your Chiang Mai city hotel. On the way to the river you will have a chance to see the beautiful surroundings, with jungle, mountains and tranquil quiet villages. Before the rafting starts off the staff will explain about basic padding skill and safety during the trip. Everybody will receive life jackets and helmets.

Fast flowing Mae Taeng river

After a Thai lunch it’s time to start the fun and it’s off on the powerful Mae Taeng river. The fast flowing river offers thrills and excitement for everyone.

The trip lasts from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the season and water levels. During the rainy season that lasts from August to October the river can be pretty wild and very fast flowing, guaranteeing an adrenaline boosting speedy ride.

White water rafting Chiang Mai
Rafting on the Mae Taeng river

Rapids of 2 to 4+

Paddle through winding gorges, passing waterfalls and great scenery on this fun packed, unforgettable adventure.

The rapids on this trip are between class 2 and 4, sometimes 5 in the rainy season depending on the amount of rainfall which promises a pretty intense ride (rapid classes run from 1 to 6, 1 being the easiest and 6 being virtually non-navigable).

Remember to bring sun cream, as you will burn quickly on the water. Also bring a change of dry clothes and a towel.

This trip is suitable for everyone, except young children under 7 years old, pregnant women and people with a heart condition. Enjoy the ride!

White water rafting trip quick facts

Mae Taeng river, Chiang Mai province
10 kilometers
2 to 4 hours, depending on season and water levels
2 to 4+

What to wear

Wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet. Wear some old tennis shoes or sandals with a heel strap, no flip flops as you will probably lose them in the water.

What to bring