Safari World and Marine Park

A fun day out for the whole family

Zebras at Safari World and Marine Park Bangkok
Zebras at Safari World

Safari World and Marine Park in Bangkok is a fun day out for the whole family. The variety of things to see and do makes this a fun and enjoyable place for everybody. Coupled with Thai hospitality, Safari World is a kids paradise.

This huge park is divided into two areas, a drive through safari park and a marine park which also offers a number of shows.

Safari World

The safari drive through offers a chance to view from close by wild animals from Africa and Asia on a 5 kilometer drive through African safari like wilderness. Here you can view thousands of animals like rhino, deer, bear, zebra, giraffe and many kinds of tropical birds in a natural like habitat. As you will get very close to the animals, this ride also provides excellent photo opportunities.

Watch the tiger feeding

A separate area enclosed by double gates is home of the lions and the Bengal tigers. Every morning at 10 am the lions and tigers are being fed, which can be observed by visitors and is an unforgettable experience.

Marine Park

The second part of the park is the Marine Park, which is a walk through Zoo with a number of animal shows. Strollers are available for rent for the smaller kids at the entrance.

In this part of the park animals as walrus, orang utan, kangaroo, monkey, crocodile, tapir, all kinds of tropical birds and giant fish can be seen. Kids love the safari terrace where you can walk up a ramp to come face to face with the giraffes, which children can feed. Buckets of food can be bought for 40 Baht.

After lunch at 1:45 pm the dolphin show starts where these intelligent and friendly animals perform a number of tricks, playing with balls and effortlessly making somersaults.

Mini World bird aviary

Mini World is a place where you and the children can come in very close contact to a number of different species of birds. There is an aviary here where large tropical birds live and an area for smaller birds like parakeets. Feeding these little birds will soon bring dozens of them on your hands, arms and shoulders, a lovely experience for kids.

River Safari Ride

The river safari ride is a boat ride taking about 30 minutes through the “jungle”, especially fun for children. Along the way all kinds of animals (not real) that live in the jungle can be seen while listening to sounds of the jungle. The river safari ride is located in the Marine Park section.

Safari World and Marine Park Bangkok dolphin show
Dolphin show in Marine Park


Spy War is a spectacular action filled show with explosions, gunfire and para trooping stunts. The Cowboy show takes you back to the wild west and features a number of exciting stunts. Cowboys and villains fight it out with gunshots and fist fights.

Among the other attractions are the elephant show, White World, the Orang Utan show, the Amazon river thrill ride and the Sea Lions show.

Show times

All shows except tiger feeding take place in the Marine Park section.
In 2017 show times are as follows:

Marine Park:
Orang Utan show
10.20 am
Sea Lion show
11.00 am
Elephant show
11.40 am
Cowboy stunt show
11.40 am
Dolphin show
13.45 pm
Spy War
14.45 pm
Bird show
15.35 pm
Safari Park Open Zoo:
Tiger feeding
10.00 am

Food options

There are restaurants at several locations in the Marine Park serving both Thai and European food. As it can get hot, drinking a lot of water is a good idea.

For the buffet lunch there is a choice of Thai, Indian and halal food.

Safari World and Marine Park location

Safari World and Marine Park is located on the outskirts of Northern Bangkok some 45 minutes from the city center. All in all a full day trip, very entertaining for children and adults alike.

Opening hours

The Safari Park is open daily from 9 am till 4:30 pm. The Marine Park is open daily from 9 am till 5 pm.

Safari World and Marine Park entrance fee

Safari World and Marine Park can be visited separately or together. Prices charged at the park ticket counters are as follows.

Entrance fee to Safari World is 1,000 Baht for adults, 900 for children.
Entrance fee to Marine Park is 1,200 Baht for adults, 1,000 for children.
Entrance fee for both (combined ticket) is 1,400 Baht for adults, 1,100 for children.
Entrance fee for both (combined ticket) including buffet lunch is 1,800 Baht for adults, 1,450 for children.
River Safari Ride (in Marine Park) 350 Baht per person.

Children under 140 cm tall are eligible for child rate, entrance for children under 100 cm is free.

Visit Safari World & Marine Park

Tickets adult Baht
child Baht
Groups over 6 people discount

 Full ticket refund until trip date
 Free ticket date change
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Safari World & Marine Park Combos

Combo 1: Safari World & Marine Park + Dream World
Adult 999 Baht - Child Free/925 Baht
Groups over 6 people 10% discount
Combo 2: Safari World & Marine Park + Siam Park City Water & Fun Park
Adult 1,300 Baht - Child Free/1,250 Baht
Groups over 6 people 10% discount
Combo 3: Safari World & Marine Park + Ocean World + Madame Tussauds
Adult 1,720 Baht - Child Free/1,670 Baht
Groups over 6 people 10% discount