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Little fire fighters at work in Kidzania
Fire fighters at Kidzania hotel

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Kidzania is an air conditioned indoors miniature world of jobs and fun activities, a scaled down city for children with buildings, roads, a transport system, businesses and a shopping alley. After Bangkok sightseeing Kidzania provides for a great day out for kids, where they can choose from a wide variety of activities and jobs in a fun and secure environment.

Checking in

The experience starts at the ticket booth area which looks like an airport check in. Each kid receives a map of Kidzania and a check for 50 Kidzo’s, the Kidzania currency. Each child is also given a security bracelet which will sound an alarm when the child leaves Kidzania without its parents.

First activity after entering Kidzania is to go to the bank and cash the check or open a savings account. They can then either choose a job and work and earn Kidzo’s or spend it on products, services or earn a degree at Kidzania university. Through the day kids go from business to business, trying out working various professions and activities or go shopping in a department store, getting a haircut or taking driving lessons. At the end of the day the child can decide to keep the money for a next visit or spend it in the Paragon shop and buy something.

Most activities are best suited for children of 4 years and older. There is a play area for the youngest. At most of the activities a professional photographer takes photos of the posing children that can be bought later. Across town are a few restaurants and stands selling drinks, candy and popcorn.

The main town square
Kidzania’s main town square


At Kidzania children have a host of jobs and activities to choose from. Children go in alone to perform the activities, while their parents wait outside.

Outside each activity is an information board that lists capacity, duration, required age or length and economy, the cost or payout in Kidzo’s. At some activities children pay Kidzo’s to participate like the hamburger shop where the eat the hamburger they have prepared while at others they receive pay after completing the job.

A few of the activities that the kids can do is take a ride on an open tour bus to see the city, go for an eye check at the eye care center, go to the beauty salon, barber shop, dental clinic or fortune teller. At the driving school kids learn traffic rules and practice in a driving simulator and then receive their Kidzania drivers license.


In Kidzania kids have a choice of over 80 jobs to try. Before starting to work kids can attend Kidzania university and earn a degree, which will increase the pay they receive at various jobs. Young staff will explain the child in Thai or English what to do and give them a uniform to wear.

Fire fighter

One of the popular jobs in Kidzania is firefighter. At the Fire Station the kids get dressed up as firemen, get a lesson on fire safety, then board a truck and drive across town to a hotel that is on fire. The light effects make it look like there is a real fire inside, the screaming of the hotel guests makes it even more realistic. Kids fight the fire by operating working water pumps.

Children can become sushi chef at a Japanese restaurant or prepare a hamburger at a fast food restaurant and eat the sushi or hamburger afterwards. The paramedic rides in an ambulance to an emergency, while the nurse takes care of the babies in the nursery and the doctor performs surgery.

Jobs at Kidzania industrial zone

At Kidzania’s industrial zone kids can work several professions in one of the factories. The milk factory worker learns how milk is made and gets to keep the bottle made. At the Coca-Cola bottling factory, the Green Tea factory and the peanut snack factory kids also keep the items they have made.

In the airplane kids can be air steward or stewardess or train to be a pilot using the flight simulator in the cockpit. The photographer takes photos across Kidzania and prints the best ones at the Photo Studio.

Other professions

Out of the many other professions kids can choose to be a policeman and patrol the streets of Kidzania, work as a car mechanic in the auto repair shop, learn about crime solving at C.S.I., sell cars at the car dealership, learn to cook delicious meals at the Culinary School, be a gas station attendant, perform magic tricks at the Magic Studio, do their own show at the TV Studio, dress up and perform a cat walk fashion show at the Fashion Boutique or act in a performance on stage in the Theater.

Gas station
The gas station


While children play and work, their parents can either follow them around and wait outside each activity or go to the parents lounge. When the child is 8 years old or over, he or she can stay in Kidzania alone except for check in and check out while the parents go shopping in Siam Paragon or go somewhere else.

Location and how to get there

Kidzania is located on the 5th floor of Siam Paragon shopping center on Rama I road, Pathum Wan Bangkok. Entrance is through the escalators on the 4th floor.
Get there by Sky Train.

Opening hours

Kidzania opens daily. On weekdays from 10 am until 5 pm. On weekends and public holidays from 10.30 am until 8.30 pm.

Entrance fees

Included in the admission fee is an unlimited number of activities, a map of Kidzania and a check for 50 Kidzo’s for each child 4 years or older.

Entrance fees for 2017 at Kidzania ticket booths are:


Kids rate: age 4 - 14
Toddler rate: age 2 - 3
Adults rate: Age 15 and over
Babies rate: Age under 2 years

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