Flight Experience

Pilot a real Boeing 737 flight simulator

Young pilot and instructor
Young pilot and instructor in the cockpit

Fly a real Boeing 737 flight simulator and experience what it is like to be a pilot of a large plane. Flight Experience offers a realistic and memorable experience for those who have always wanted to be a pilot.

Realistic experience

At Flight Experience you will be in the captain’s seat and command the controls. The fully enclosed simulator and the moving outside views give a sense of motion and reality.

Complete preflight procedures and checklists, work the throttle and as you hear the engines increase power get ready to taxi to the runway.

After the flight you can get your photo in the cockpit wearing a pilots uniform.

Select airports and weather conditions

Being the pilot you are in control of the flight. Select a departure and destination airport, weather conditions as low visibility, wind shear or fog and get ready for departure.

Depending on the length of the flight you can choose to take a short local flight, try a challenging approach, practice touch and go’s or fly around famous landmarks such as the Eiffel tower in Paris or the pyramids of Egypt.
After a short briefing get ready for takeoff.

Flight deck of a Boeing 737-800 at Flight Experience Bangkok
Flight Experience Boeing 737 flight deck

Airports famous for their challenging approach

Aspiring pilots can choose their departure and arrival airports. A number of airports in the world are known for their spectacular and difficult approach that require a lot of piloting skills.

If you are looking for a challenge, fly to Madeira Funchal airport surrounded by mountains and the ocean or try navigating the plane through the mountains into the valley where Paro airport in Bhutan is located. Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak airport is famous for its difficult approach navigating near mountains and the city’s numerous skyscrapers. The descend into Princess Juliana airport at St Maarten is challenging for its approach just meters over the beach.

Preflight procedures

An important part of any flight are the preflight procedures. During the briefing your instructor will explain the use and function of displays, instruments and controls on the flight deck. You will learn how to maneuver the plane, complete the preflight checklist and how to set speed, altitude and direction.

Complete the checklists, taxi to the runway and takeoff.

Flight packages

Aspiring pilots can choose packages from 30 to 90 minutes. None of them requires previous experience or knowledge. You will be in the pilot’s seat, a qualified English speaking instructor will be in the co pilot’s seat. You can bring along two friends into the cockpit.

Scenic Flight

Experience what is feels like to pilot a large plane on the 30 minutes Scenic Flight. Take off from your home airport for a short local flight or see some of the world’s famous sights from the air such as the Pyramids of Egypt or the Colosseum in Rome.

City Circuits

Practice your skills of takeoff and landing, take a short flight from your local city to a nearby airport or try a difficult approach like Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport or Bhutan Paro airport located in the mountains of the Himalayas on the 45 minutes City Circuits Flight.

Ready for takeoff
Ready for takeoff

City Flyer

Start the 1 hour City Flyer flight with completing preflight checklists and procedures. Then try a few take offs and landings or a touch and go, take a short flight between two cities and test your skills with a challenging approach or bad weather conditions like wind shear or heavy fog.

Ultimate Experience

The 90 minutes Ultimate Experience Flight gives your the chance to develop your skills at all aspects of flying a plane.

Complete the preflight procedures, enter data into the flight computers, do the route briefing, taxi to the runway and take off. Practice take offs and landings, touch and go’s, difficult approaches or try to keep your cool during an emergency situation like low fuel or engine failure.

Boeing 737 Simulator

The Flight Experience cockpit is a full replica with working computers and avionics of the Boeing 737-800 cockpit, the latest version of Boeing’s most successful airplane of which thousands are flying worldwide.

From the fully enclosed cockpit you will have a 180 degree realistic representation of the airport and surrounding terrain.

The database contains over 24,000 airports worldwide, so you can fly to any airport capable of handling a Boeing 737. The computers can simulate weather conditions as sun glare, fog, strong side winds, day and night as well as emergency situations as low fuel or engine failure.

The simulator has certification for pilot training from both the Civil Aviation Authority CAA and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA.

Location and how to get there

Flight Experience is located on the second floor of the Gateway Ekamai shopping center on Sukhumvit road. The easiest way to get there is by BTS Sky Train. Exit at Ekamai station, right next to Ekamai shopping center
Get there by Sky Train.

Opening hours

Flight Experience opens daily from 10 am until 10 pm.


Flight Experience rates are the same for adults and children.

Scenic Flight
30 min
City Circuits
45 min
City Flyer
60 min
Ultimate Experience
90 min
DVD/Cockpit photo

Duration in minutes.
Booking well in advance is highly recommended.

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