UNESCO Sites in Thailand

Thailand’s World Heritage Listings

Sukhothai Historical Park UNESCO World Heritage Site
UNESCO World Heritage Site Sukhothai

Thailand has a great number of historical sites and ancient cities from different eras of its long history.

Several empires have ruled the country that built cities that were in their times among the most prosperous and largest in the world.

The oldest sites date back thousands of years to Neolithic times. Phu Phra Bat historical park contains traces of several civilizations spanning thousands of years, making this site particularly unique.

Three sites of significant importance that are to be preserved for future generations were included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Other sites have been placed on UNESCO’s tentative list, which means they are under consideration to be made a World Heritage Site in the future.

UNESCO Sites in Thailand

Currently, Thailand has three sites inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The following sites are on UNESCO’s tentative list for consideration as future World Heritage Site.

The following sites have been submitted to UNESCO for evaluation as future World Heritage Sites.

The Wat Pho temple in Bangkok has been rewarded with the UNESCO Memory of the World Award in 2008. The award was given for the more than 1,000 inscribe tablets at the Wat Pho containing Buddhist teachings and knowledge of Thai traditional medicine including Thai traditional massage.